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The logo’s here!

Sorry, in the last week (maybe even months ;)) , I wasn’t able to write posts here. I haven’t forgotten this blog, but I’m just… busy. And for my come-back :D, I created a logo for this blog. I made a detailed version, and an icon for it. Hope you like it!



Mon Chanson – Experiment

I really love music. And this time… I wanted to create my own song. I got inspired when I watched “Dein Song” a German contest where young composer show their compositions and make them professional with the help of professional artists. I don’t want to join that contest, but I made one. Just an experiment… I did it with my brother and together we named us “The Mashroom” (actually mushroom). I composed a song in French. It’s easy French, because there aren’t many words in my French vocabulary yet…

If mum cuts my hair…

My hair can get longer very fast so sometimes I have to cut them to keep them short like usually. To do this I go to the barber, but unfortunately haircutting at the barber isn’t cheap…

Because it’s valuable mum cut my hair. She did it once when I was small. It was terrible!

She wasn’t able to cut my hair straight so she cut and cut, but it was never really good. And when she cut and cut, my hair got shorter and shorter and even shorter than I wanted it to be.

The last time I cut my hair at the barber. I think this time mum got better.  First, when she took out the scissor and starts to cut my hair I was afraid that I would have no hair any more at the end, but… it had a good end ;). I think she saw, how the barber cut my hair and she’s really good! I said to her: “You have to be a barber, too!”. But she said: “No, this work is too hard for me…”.

Police is dancing at his work

The characters of a police man: serious, incredulous. That’s what we usually know of a police man. But a police man is a human, too, isn’t he?

In YouTube I found a video of a police man dancing at his work and lip duping an Indian song. He must be crazy! It’s work. But this shows that police men are humans, too. Check out the video (he’ll dance a little bit later):


Hairy face

Lately I love to experiment with photography.

Today I tried something new. Making photos of people from behind looks funny, too. So I created some shots of a model from behind. I turned the model into a Mr… Harry. See a short slide show of photos of him:

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