Poor sweet chocolate…

You should know, that I really, really, really like chocolate. Especially chocolate with cornflakes in it. Yeah, that is sooooo good!

Right know mom doesn’t buy much chocolate, because she said that it wouldn’t be good for our teeth. But if we have chocolate my brother and I try to get much chocolate as we could. So at least we usually finish a full chocolate box in 1 or 2 days.

Today I found the last one in the chocolate box, just before we had lunch. I took it and put it inside my trouser pocket and I wanted to eat it after lunch. I hope that my brother won’t be disappointed because of this… So we had lunch. Then we were finish. I’ve almost forgotten that I had chocolate in my trouser pocket! But just then, when I wanted to go into the kitchen to eat one, I remembered that I’ve already taken a chocolate bar (the bars were small). But… when I took out the chocolate… oh no! It melted! I didn’t thought of the high temperature inside my pocket. Well, so there was no chocolate… no sweet chocolate…what a pity!

Maybe I’ll enjoy a chocolate the next time!


4 responses to “Poor sweet chocolate…

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