I forgot to write something about carnival on Thursday. Let me tell you something about the carnival in Germany…

Carnival in Germany is always on Thursday. This Thursday we call “Lumpiger Donnerstag”. That means “The shabby Thursday”. In those days the streets are full with people, wearing costumes. The most popular costumes in Germany are princess, cowboys, pirats, ghosts, devils, rabbits, …

In my school the most of the pupils wore costumes. I even saw Cookie Monster, Luigi & Mario from Super Mario! In those days in my town the most people go to the city centre to watch some pupils from the 5th grade and higher who have created cool costumes which they will present the people who are watching. The pupils also throw candies to the viewer who are standing on the sides of the roads. The roads are closed on that day, so cars couldn’t drive through them.

Last year my class also walked through the city centre to present our fish costumes which are made out of blue trash bags. We also made many small fish scales out of paper to stick them on the blue trash bag and made fish hats which we had to wear on our head. After that we went down to the city centre. There were many other pupils who were also going to present their costume. Then we had to wait until it was our turn to walk past the viewers who were waiting for us. In that time, when we waited, it was very cold so some people gave us hot tea. But even tea didn’t works. It was so cold! At least we also walked through the city centre. There were so many people and we threw the candy to them.

When I was at home, I sat next to the warm fireplace and I slept. That was a good feeling! 🙂


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