Catch the monkey!

Saimiri sciureus.

Cute Monkey



My brother and I can get bored at any time, if we don’t do something. But Sometimes the idea comes just in the right moment…

Yesterday my brother played Playstation as usually, if he don’t know what to play. And when I get bored I start to annoy my brother. This time I took a pillow from our sofa and threw it at him. Of course he was very angry about it, so he shouted “Let me!”. That was so funny so I threw again and again until my brother paused his game and stared at me like if he wanted a challenge. Then the idea came. I wanted to make a game called “Catch the monkey!”. For this game we needed 3 pillows and 1 ball. I was tiger and my brother was a monkey. The tiger had to try to catch the monkey.

Start the game!

At first everyone of us needed a district where he was safe. My district must be smaller then the one of the monkey, because the tiger only has to throw pillows and the monkey has to run away, so he needed much more place then me. Then the tiger needs 3 pillows and has to stay in his district while he is throwing pillows. The Monkey runs around in his district and the tiger has 3 chances to shoot at the monkey with his pillows. If he gathers the monkey 3 times he gets 30 points. 2 times 20 points, 1 time 10 points and 0 times 0 points. When he has thrown 3 times the monkey has to use the ball. The tiger must get into the district of the monkey to get his pillows back. Because it’s the monkey’s district the tiger must be careful and the monkey has to try to gather the tiger now with his ball. If the tiger is gathered by the monkey he will loose one pillow and has to try to get it back in the next round. If the monkey gathered the tiger he will also get points just like the tiger. At last, if you stop playing the game the tiger must count his points and the monkey, too. The winner is the one who has got the most points, of course!



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