The cat ghost…

Actually this “ghost” in the photo above is not a ghost, of course, but it’s a key ring with a cat. And the original color of the cat is blue. The original cat would look sooo cute!

But even, if it has a blue color my brother is always scared of it. Especially when I throw the “ghost” to him. I mean… it’s sooo cute!

I bought the cat when my class went to Neu Schwanstein in Bavaria. When we walked to the castle we found a souvenir shop. They sold ice cream and of course souvenirs, like umbrellas, Bavarian typical hats with the feather and other things. There were also key rings with cats. I needed a key ring, so I bought it.

Now, that was many years ago. My brother loves interesting stories, so I decided to search for the ghost cat and then after I found it I made a story…

The ghost cat (It isn’t real, but it’s just for fun. I love to make stories.)

Long, long, times ago there was a very poor man. Usually poor men have a dog with them, but this man hasn’t. He has a cat. A blue one. His name was Jacques. Jacques was a magic cat and he can talk to his friend, the poor man George. In this time they lived in Bavaria and walked and walked from one place to another one to find some money or food. But one day the cat noticed, that they were near the castle of the king Ludwig II. The cat had an idea how they would get some more money. The next day the king walked around near his castle and walked past George and Jacques. “What a lovely cat!”, he said. “Yes, he can talk, your majesty!”, explains George. And Jacques started to talk very good things about the majesty. “Oh, what a friendly friend you have there! Can I buy him? He would be my assistant”, he told George. Of course George was delighted and the idea from Jacques worked! So the king gave George very much money and he was very happy with it. The king took the cat to his castle and Jacques was his assistant. But one day the king had a new assistant and threw the cat out of the castle in a rainy night. The poor cat was happy that he needn’t work for the king anymore, because he really missed his old friend George. He walked around to find his friend. He didn’t saw him a long time ago, because he lived 5 years at the king’s castle. Suddenly he found his friend! George looked like a king without a crown and looked very majestic. The cat gazed at him and cried “Hey, old friend! We’re rich now! We’ve done it!”. But George shouted “Get of my way, dirty cat! And actually it’s my money!!!”. The cat was very sad. Now he hasn’t got a friend anymore. He didn’t get food and all people around him only say that Jacques is a very dirty cat. The poor Jacques was very sad and hungry, until one day he… died :cry:.

From that day on he haunt near the castle of Ludwig II.

(Of course this story isn’t real. The idea just came from sadness. There are also people who are always thinking of money :()


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