Tweeting in my ears every day…

Yes, I really hear tweeting every day in my ears. That’s a beautiful sound. If I hear it I always feel better.

Apple and Erbsi, my two budgerigars lived here since 2009. We bought them both, because when I watched the budgerigars in the shop to choose one I saw that Apple and Erbsi were friends. If the one of them fly to another branch, the other one followed him. They were always together. So I bought them both.

In the first days they didn’t tweet. They just sat there like statues. But one day my mother listened to music in the radio and the two birdies started to tweet and to fly around in their cage. That was a lovely moment!

Now they can fly around in our living room and explore it. They’ve already eaten some leaves from our plant. And sometimes they walk around on the ground to search for some food, even if I’ve already put food into their cage. And every morning they are the first who are starting to “talk” and wake us all up. But sometimes they tweet very loud, especially if something’s annoying them or if they fight. I made a video of them. At first they’re very scared, but later they will start to chirp. (I’m sorry, because of the bad quality…)



3 responses to “Tweeting in my ears every day…

  1. Hi Apple n Erbsi.. see you on May 🙂

  2. Apple and Erbsi are very cute. My flock of nine say hello!


  3. Your birds are really cute!

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