Help! I don’t want to blog.

There are people who love to blog. They do it every day and they never get bored of it. But there are also people (like me) who are very excited of blogging at first, but later they don’t want to blog any more.

I’m a kind of this person who get bored, if nobody visits my blog and I’m someone who gives up very fast. I need help. My mother is the kind of person who loves to blog. Every day she post some recipes into her blog. She blogged a long time ago and now her blog is very popular. She doesn’t give up as fast like me. But she took a long time, until she had so many visitors. And today I found out a way how people like me don’t get bored of blogging and not to give up very fast:

  1. You have to try to post at least once a week. Make a note which you have to stick somewhere, where you could see it, if you do something that is very important (ex. mirror, fridge, clock,…). Write on the note: BLOG AT WORDPRESS!
  2. If you go to wordpress to write a new post and you don’t want to write something, because you’re lazy, here’s my tip: Always write “I don’t want to write, I don’t want to write, I don’t want to write, …”, until you get the feeling, that you want to write something.
  3. Have no idea what to write!? In this case, just look around and write about something what you can see. (ex. poster, lamp, window, flower pot, …)
  4. Make it interesting! Let’s pick the example with the lamp. You could write that you’ve forgotten to switch it off and that it started to smell very strange in your room …
  5. Get interested readers! To do this you only have to think about an interesting title. For the example with the lamp you could write: My strange smelling lamp. Then you need tags so everyone could find you in the Tag Surfer.

And of course you want to get visitors to get more hope for the future of your blog. Maybe these articles from WordPressSupport will help you:

I hope this was helpful!


2 responses to “Help! I don’t want to blog.

  1. Asha,
    Like auntie-like niece..hehehehe..
    I give up so fast too on blogging.. but with your tips.. I’ll start it over..
    thank you, dear…

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