Garden like paradise

Actually I’ve never been in paradise before, but this garden I visited yesterday gave me some clues how paradise would look like.

Yesterday I was in the botanical garden in Munich. It’s a very big park with plants and beautiful meadows, high trees and some lakes and a miniature mountain with many plants on it. We visited the green house of this park. It was full with tropical plants and plants from the desert. At this time there are special guests which you can find in the hottest green house there. The green house has many smaller green houses with many plants in it. Every green house constitutes a habitat of plants. And this time there were guests…

Butterflies! If you walk into that green house where the butterflies are, you’ll feel that it’s very humid and hot in there. And if you walk in many butterflies will fly past you. They fly past you and you’ll feel like being between many colorful shooting stars. Some butterflies would land on your head! This green house was my favorite one. It has a biiiiiiig pond in the middle of it. And maybe the pond is quite deep, because I noticed a very big fish in it, when I looked into the water. And many fishes swam around in there. And on the edges roots of big plants jut out of the water. It looks very cool! And around the pond there was a way with many plants and small ponds with water plants in it. And everywhere were butterflies with beautiful colors. But it was a little bit difficult to take photos of them while they were flying around. But I could manage to take some photos of them while they weren’t moving. Of course I also took some photos of some plants. Take a look at them:

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3 responses to “Garden like paradise

  1. Loves the description of the garden.. and off course.. loves the pictures…! gorgeous, asha..! well done..

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