“Put me back, please!”

Mom wrote that on a piece of paper and sticked it at different places in my room.

Sometimes I’m very lazy at tiding up my room. Every time after I use something, for example a pencil case, I should put it back on its place. But sometimes I’m lazy so I put it somewhere else. Later on my room is full of things and mom would say that it looks like in the cellar. And it’s very difficult to find something, if I need it. I have to stop this! So mom had the idea with the “Put me back, please!” note. She made three of this note and sticked it on those places where I put the most things, like my chair, the step to my bed or my writing desk. Well, I hope it will help… 😐

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One response to ““Put me back, please!”

  1. Hmm.. it seems i have to stole this idea..:) I face the same problem here, asha..

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