Spring, yay!

I really like spring. In this time it isn’t too cold, but also not too warm :).

Garden with some tulips and narcissus

(by Wikipedia)

Some days ago my mom started to sneeze all the time and I knew – it’s spring! Yay, I was so happy to have spring. We went outside again without jackets or other warm clothes. And there was no snow anymore. And this time spring in Germany seem to be hotter than last year. That was strange…

Maybe this was because of the global warming. Yes, and yesterday it was very hot. Maybe as hot as in summer. But I was so happy to hear the birds again, because in the winter time the most of them couldn’t find food to survive, so they had to fly to warmer countries, like Africa. Now I can hear all the birds again and even flowers came out and show their beautiful colors. The first flowers which came out of the snow were snow drops. They look really pretty! Now it’s warm again and I think it’s much better not to wear fat jackets like I did in winter. I couldn’t move really good in a very big jacket ;).

Hehehe… and if spring starts, I always think of yummy spring rolls (rolls with vegetables in it). I hope mom will make some!


2 responses to “Spring, yay!

  1. Sha.. do you think spring roll has thing to do with spring season?

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