Rainy days

Today was a rainy day. It rained all the time and you could see the earthworms coming out and lying on the grounds and roads.

I don’t like rainy days, because everything gets wet and there are earthworms everywhere so I have to look on the road. I don’t want to scrunch one! And sometimes I’m so busy with looking on the ground so couldn’t see where I go. But sometimes it’s fun to stand in the rain. Today I’ve forgotten to take an umbrella with me, so… I got wet :(. But too bad that I didn’t saw the rainbow after the rain. And I think it’s good for the plants to have the rain. Usually you couldn’t see an earthworm on a very hot day. Sometimes I find some who are already dry and dead :cry:… This morning at school my school mate and I walked from school and we saw a woman with a large umbrella. Why did she need such a big umbrella – I mean she wasn’t so much big and so she wouldn’t need much space for her. She had to avoid people walking past her ;). If I think of umbrellas I always remember of the old times when I was very young, maybe still in kindergarten…Mom had to buy me many umbrellas, because every time if I got an umbrella (the one with barbie pictures on it) I “destroyed” it. It was always fun to flip the umbrella and to go inside the umbrella and to imagine like being in a boat. Yeah, that was fun, but soon it was broken and mom had to buy me a new one. And she always says to me, after I destroyed an umbrella: “You have to use it, if it rains and if you’re outside at that moment. Or you’ll get sick! It’s not for trampling it down.” Now I don’t have an umbrella, but if it’s rainy mom give me her umbrella – and I don’t trample it down, of course!

Note: Did you see the picture with the umbrella? Great, huh? Really cool picture. I found it at lucide.ch


5 responses to “Rainy days

  1. Yes, it is a great picture sha.. it’s not taken by camera, it’s a painting I guess ..
    You can make one, sha.. I know you are good in painting too 🙂

    It almost everyday rains too in Jakarta, sha.. heavy rain.. Yesterday a lot of trees and big commercial billboards fell down to the street and it causes heavy traffic jam everywhere.. Got big headache if you trapped on that situation..

    I also don’t like rainy days lately because it makes me difficult to go to the office on motorcycle. Umbrella do not help me much on this 🙂 but I do need umbrella to reach my office from motorcycle parking . Mine is red. If i recall back my memories, I just realized that my umbrella is always red 🙂 I don’t have specific reason for that.. but to see the the picture on your blog sha.. I know now why always pick red one for my umbrella.. coz it looks good on the rain heheheheh

  2. hi cinnamon_dragon, nice to see yourblog…

    When i was in elementary school, played football in the rain is very fun. Almost everytime when the rain was falling down, i called all of my friends to go to the field. It was no matter our clothes got dirty and full of slime.

    And it also was exciting when rainy season came, because there would be a lot of mushroom grew on the garden. It was very beautifull.

    • When I was in the first class, my best friend was visiting me. It was a rainy day. She wanted to go outside, but I wanted to stay inside, because the rain was really strong that day and actually I was really frightened of lightning. My friend got out and danced in the rain. It looked like fun, but if my friend got in again she was really wet and had the cold… But I love rain that isn’t really strong. The best rain (that’s what I think) is rain like fog (not fog, but a fog-like rain).

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