The hula hoop

Do you know what a hula hoop is? With a hula hoop you can do some sports.

When I was in kindergarten I always saw my friends playing the hula hoop, but I was the only one who couldn’t play with it. I can’t use the hula hoop. Every time I asked them “How do you do that?” they showed me how they do it, but it’s really difficult to understand. I thought it needed feeling. Well, I tried and tried it until one day I started to feel how it really works. The first time I could play with the hula hoop was at school. Later on mom bought me one for at home. And so I became  a master at hula hooping with one hula hoop (I can’t hula hoop with more than one ;)). Now mom want to learn the hula hoop, too, because she thinks she isn’t sporty enough, so I’m trying to teach her how to hula hoop. Like I said: to do that you need feeling. Now I know why my friends at kindergarten couldn’t teach me how it works. How shall I teach my mom hula hoop??? So, I have no idea. Mom always try it every day. Sometimes she can hula hoop for a very short time, and sometimes nothing works. To get the feeling for hula hooping isn’t very easy for her ;)…


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