Police is dancing at his work

The characters of a police man: serious, incredulous. That’s what we usually know of a police man. But a police man is a human, too, isn’t he?

In YouTube I found a video of a police man dancing at his work and lip duping an Indian song. He must be crazy! It’s work. But this shows that police men are humans, too. Check out the video (he’ll dance a little bit later):



8 responses to “Police is dancing at his work

  1. day by day, the police norman become more famous in indonesia. the video compact disc about his dance are always sold out. he often appears in most of newspapers and tv shows.

  2. Nice to see that you also follow what’s going on in Indonesia, sha..:) First time I saw the video.. I just laugh and laugh … very funny..and also impressive coz he can do lips sing precisely…’

  3. So… mom’s a fan for Empat Mata? it’s at Tran7 (Trans Tujuh)..

    Btw, Asha.. Auntie will visit you next month… I want to bring something for you.. do you have any special request ? CD maybe? or something else? just tell me, ok…

  4. Ok.. I will do..
    For CD, I’ve bought it before you ask..:) I know you love music.. It is Jubing’s.. Indonesian accoustic guitar maestro.. I hope you will like it..

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