Mon Chanson – Experiment

I really love music. And this time… I wanted to create my own song. I got inspired when I watched “Dein Song” a German contest where young composer show their compositions and make them professional with the help of professional artists. I don’t want to join that contest, but I made one. Just an experiment… I did it with my brother and together we named us “The Mashroom” (actually mushroom). I composed a song in French. It’s easy French, because there aren’t many words in my French vocabulary yet…


7 responses to “Mon Chanson – Experiment

  1. Masha.. I’m speechless.. what a great video.. I believe no one expect this video made by 11 years old girl..
    I love the song very much.. also the video..
    Perfect package I must say…

    You must teach me how you make the video, sha..

  2. You did great! And nice video! ;D

  3. Good job, dear!:-)

  4. Here is the link about the girl that I told you this morning, dear:

  5. WOW! I’m impressed.

  6. Kata om Michael “i feel humbled”. Dia surprised waktu tahu yang buat Masha, dia pikir video dan lagunya dibuat oleh pemusik muda professional. Two thumbs up Masha!

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