Let’s call me Thea. I really love playing the piano, to paint, to take photos and of course I like to blog. I have to take care of two green budgerigars and I have a younger brother. I like beautiful mornings with chirping birds, and much sun shine. I like beach and walking through the sand. And what I really love is ginger (hehehe…). Ginger tea, ginger candy, the smell of ginger. And, and, and. I don’t like math, bad people, war and other terrible things.

That was ME.

This blog

Actually this blog is a small project to train my English, because one day I found out that my English is not really correct. Every day I post things I’m thinking about. I think very much (but I don’t write private things). The pictures in this blog aren’t always taken by me, so when you roll over the pictures, you’ll find out where I got the picture.

That was all about THIS BLOG.


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